Some people like dogs and some people do not. Barking dogs and dog litter hinder the enjoyment of the site and facilities, not only for your camp, also for future camps. The Lockerley Water Farm campsite enjoys a beautiful countryside setting which is populated with farm animals and a broad selection of wild countryside animals such as birds, rabbits, voles and deer.

This policy sets out Hampshire Christian Trust CIO's (HCT) (the Trust) approach to the management of dogs at Lockerley Water Farm and in the surrounding area.

Before bringing dogs to site, we ask all campers and camp organisers to please read this policy carefully as it explains the terms on which you may bring a dog to Lockerley Water Farm Campsite.

  1. TERMS

Dogs are permitted on site at Lockerley Water Farm Campsite subject to the following terms:

2.1 Dogs are welcome on site but the owners are responsible for the behaviour of their pets.

2.2 We do not allow on site any breed of dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs act 1991.

2.3 When staying as part of a camp, dogs are permitted in the public areas within the site (except those listed in 2.3) or camping barns.

2.4 You must ensure dogs to not stray into other’s accommodation.

2.5 Dogs are not permitted to enter the kitchen, toilets, washrooms or the creche , and are not permitted on beds or furniture.

2.6 Dogs are not permitted to be loose on site and all dogs must be kept on a short lead (6 feet / 2 metres or less) and under control at all times including in external areas.

2.7 We can accept a maximum total of 4 dogs per camp. This includes day visitors. Only one dog per cabin or dormitory per overnight stay, is permitted.

2.8 You are fully responsible for your dog at all times and for cleaning up after your dog. All dog faeces must be cleared up immediately and disposed of appropriately.

2.9 You will be liable to pay for any damage to HCT’s property caused by your dog.

2.10 You must not leave your dog unattended at any time within our accommodation, any vehicle and/or the campsite grounds.

2.11 If your dog is deemed to be a nuisance or danger to other campsite guests or staff, we have the right to request the owner to remove the dog from our premises immediately. The owner must comply with this request and if you fail to do so, we may ask the owner to leave our premises and cancel the remainder of their stay.

2.12 Dog worrying livestock is a major concern to farmers and owners of local smallholdings.

Dogs are not permitted to enter into a field where there are livestock unless the dogs are on a short lead and kept under control at all times. If sheep are lambing or cows calving within the fields, dogs must not enter the fields under any conditions. Dogs found worrying livestock will be reported and owners will be prosecuted under The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953.

2.13 We do not accept liability for any loss, damage or illness to dogs.

2.14 Dogs should be fully inoculated, micro-chipped and have had a veterinary health check.

2.15 You will need to bring your own equipment (leads, bowls, bed, poop bags, food, etc) as we do not provide these.